News of the week 01.10.2020

Sailboat of the future: Swedes are building the most "ecological" ship in the world

The idea of the “Walleniusm Marine” engineers is to use wind energy as a propulsion. The concept of the ship called “Oceanbird”, presented by the Swedish designers, can safely be called the "cargo sailing ship of the future".
According to the developers, the ship will have enough power to carry about 7000 cars.
The computer will analyze the power and direction of the wind and then adjust the propulsion system to the current parameters.
The reduced model of the giant cargo ship has already passed a series of successful tests. Its first run “Oceanbird” is to be completed until 2024.


Baltic company gives lottery tickets in exchange for waste to residents

The unique way a startup from Riga turns "waste into lottery tickets" through a combination of smart trash cans, a mobile app and cash motivation.
"The Littery” offers cities a unique solution to control waste, plastic pollution and CO2 emissions with smart solar-powered bins and a lottery concept with cash prizes that motivates residents to keep their cities clean themselves.
Residents throw recyclable materials into special smart garbage cans and receive a lottery ticket with the opportunity to win from 10 to several million euros. The mobile application also shows if the correct type of waste has got into the garbage can.


Luxury Italian shoes are made of apple and grape peel

The idea of "Prota Fiori" is a premium shoe line that uses innovative processed materials such as apple and grape peel.
The designer has found factories that use equipment to convert apple peel into textiles, as well as grape peel obtained from the production of wine, in a material similar to the peel.

«We believe in fighting climate change and offsetting our carbon emissions by planting fruit trees in our garden in Sicily.»


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